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Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
eartt today.a meeeor exploded ver russia this mornnng... with the forceeof a nuclear bomb. bomb..nd ittcame on he same scheduled or a very iitimate fly-by of our third rock from phe sun.greg palkotthas more - on a very rudd awakkning for a & lot of russians. &p3 it came from thh sky juss aattr nine o clook in the tee-ton mettor, acing t & around 33,000 miles an hour through theeatmosphere, streaked over the russian city 33& east of moscowa"aa&. a"aaa&before eeploding in a firebbll of blinding bright -33& light aid to have the power - of n atomic bomb. a few minutes lattr shockwaves -3 wereesent from a sonic boom. -3 that smashed wwndows, damaged hundreds of builddngs, were hurt, a hundred eople were hospitalized. no one was rrporred illed. "it -3 reeinned me f action movves - like terminator 4," this eyewitnessssaid. "the llght wassveer bright. like a brrght sunn then the blast happenne."" another & said theee waa panic ii ttee streets. another saii it felt -3 like a war one. 20,000 emeegency
Feb 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
russia will surpass u-s defense spendiig in erms of overall perrent of gdp in just pwo years. china is slated to overtake the u-- in 2035.sot jim thomas says: ".. you've seen ouble digit increasss in chinese defense spending for more than 15 should not only give pause to the united states, but it really should be a source of the region as well." two 3 yyerr ago, then defense secretary robert gates rowbeat nato allies to spend defense... but when fraace wantee to send forces into mali to ounter al qaeda in recent weeks, thh u.s..hhd to proviie the airlift and refuuling, because france needed u-s help. innthe middle east theegull states are increasing their defenne guys have been going gangbusters rolllng out prototypes of advanced weapons syssems whhther it is new drone airccaft." others argue that even with the sequester the us defenne spending accounts for 40 ilitar percent of all defense spendinggworldwide.sot peter singer says: "... if sequestration happens, we go out of every ddllar to about - 38 cents out f very dollar. so you decli
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2